News: May 1st, 2015



Spring is back and so is Kilrush!  After a much needed break to record, rest and recharge we're back and ready to hit 2015 hard!


It would be a little much to try to cover all of the various things that have happened since our last update (some good, some more bittersweet,.. and some that are downright amazing), so I'm not going to try.  We've had to say farewell to a band member, and welcome a new one.  Despite all of the frustration we've managed to get the new album back on track, a  fact hinted at in the title of this post.


There are few enhancements to the website also in the works, most notably the transformation of the news page to blog page where we can banter more freely in addition to updating you on various goings-on.


Keep your eye out for more stuff that's on the way!  -t