Blog: May 8, 2015

Inside the Making of 'Spree' - part 1 : Walk Away

by Tim J. Sanphy Jr.


Sometime ago, as we transitioned from Myspace to Facebook I had to make some decisions...what "friends" do I keep and who makes the cut?  The cool thing that Myspace did that is still lacking on Facebook is that bands to display their songs for the public to hear and for musicians to meet and compare styles, etc.

It was during that time that I first met Shayne Thomas Byrne, a singer song writer from Leighlinbridge, Ireland.  Shayne had already had a dozen originals under his belt as he performed about, both as a solo act and with Arrow in the Sky.  Shayne had focused much of his energy at that point on his recording sessions as well in a studio-project called Cellar Music Productions..(which we only found ironic that years later we would meet up with Dave Rice at Basement Audio some 3000 miles and half a decade later).


We had an instant connection in terms from what we liked musically to our own particular philosophies and observations on the world around us.  The friendship rooted in discussion on lyric composition and fusing of traditional with the non trad lead us to understanding that even on opposite 

sides of the Atlantic bands and musicians who work together and support each other's projects grow both musically and in success.  The independent music scene almost requires this type of edification and collaboration.


Around 2010 Shayne sent me a song he had done a preliminary recording of and said "go for it, add what you think it needs".  The song was called "Walk Away".  I loved the song, but couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was I could do with it to make it unique (or at least any more unique than it already was).  Chris Sherwood

and I worked on it off and on for a couple of years.  It seemed we were justreinventing the same chemistry of the original tune and not really making it our own.


Subsequently I began to lose hope that we could make it work, and seeing the song on a CD playlist of ours was looking rather bleak.  Walk Away actually went through three complete recording sessions before its final recording earlier this year.  Something very cool happened that night at the Basement Audio Sessions and the result is perhaps my favorite song on "Spree"!  Dave and I labored over the melody for what seemed like hours (and it could very well have been).  We found a counter melody in the song that now seems like it had been there all along,.. now inseparable for the original, in my mind at least.

Shayne is building a brand new facility from the ground up in Carlow where he now lives.  He is poised to produce what will be many inspired recordings in the near future.  The production and studio company is called Ragged Company Records. He performs regularly and diligently still writes and collaborates.  Check it out...

Shayne deserves the credit for this song.  Not only are we pleased with the results we are very honored that he has given us the opportunity to add "Walk Away" as one of the main tracks on "Spree".